Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lace Love

Hey everyone! If you didn't see already from Instagram, Ben and I went beach camping over the weekend! It was so fun! I didn't end up pulling off it being a surprise (I was SOOOOOO sad) because I left something open on the computer accidentally when I was leaving for work last Thursday. Boo. But we still had the best time. We hadn't ever been camping together! And camping is already so much fun, but let me tell you, camping with a hubby is like a million times better. We just went to the beach and sat around the fire and snuggled and ate the best fish tacos and went for a walk and read and threw the football. Oh, and it was Ben's 24th birthday too so we obviously celebrated that! The best weekend.
Now onto my outfit! This lace kimono is probably one of my favorite recent purchases. You can put it on with shorts, pants, a dress, or a romper, and it instantly adds to your look. I always love finding the cute, simple dresses at Forever that you can add whatever you want to. This one in particular happened to be the perfect cut, and I just love it! I'm obviously obsessed with this necklace as well!  
Hope you all have the best day! Today is our one year engagement anniversary, and we're going back to dinner at the place we went after we got engaged! (Yes, we are AT LEAST going to celebrate that this year :P)

Dress: Forever 21; similar here
Kimono: Ross; similar here
Shoes: Love D here
Purse: H and M; similar here
Necklace: Charlotte Russe; similar here

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