Thursday, July 24, 2014

Structured Skirt

Happy Thursday! I literally cannot say enough good things about this skirt from Pretty Pants Boutique! I had been wanting one of these skirts for a long time and had actually tried on a few but with how they were structured and meant to fit, they wouldn't sit high enough on my waist! I can't tell you how excited I was when I got this in the mail, and it fit perfectly! Besides that, I love that the material is different than most of the ones that are out there right now. If you look closely, it's sort of a mesh-looking material but still super good quality! I highly recommend it! I paired it with this bodysuit I found at TJ Maxx. I know some of you can't imagine the thought of wearing a bodysuit again and bringing back the childhood traumas of trying to use the bathroom with one on, but seriously do it! They are perfect for high-waisted clothing items because they create clean lines without you having to worry about tucking your shirt in constantly!
Ben and I went to the OC Fair last night! We ate a corn dog and deep-fried avocados. Bomb dot com. And we watched a crazy acrobatics show and walked around the art and photography exhibits. There are some crazy talented people out there! Make sure you go if you live in the area!

OH and thank you to my lovely friend, Dayena, for these awesome photos and for giving my hubby a break. ;)


Body Suit: TJ Maxx; similar here and here
Skirt: c/o: Pretty Pants Boutique here
Shoes: Love D here

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