Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All Black and A Little on Loving Yourself

Sooo I had something on my heart this past weekend, and I'm not even sure where to start or how to say everything I'm thinking so I hope it all makes sense! I went to a play this weekend on the book "Cold Tangerines:Celebrating the Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Life" (you can buy it here), and several times it talks about women and their struggles with insecurities and body issues, and it really got me thinking about all that this weekend. I am thankful to say that by the grace of God, while I still have my bad days, I have come to embrace and love the body that God gave me and take pride in my care and presentation of it. And it literally breaks my heart when I hear girls who say they feel fat or ugly or make comments like who would love me. I can't even describe it. It just makes me want to fix it all, and I try to be encouraging, but at the end of the day I know, while my words may help, it's something much deeper. We spend our days comparing ourselves to people in photographs and walking down the street and wishing we had a better ____ (fill in the blank). There's a God who literally MADE you EXACTLY who you are. He looks at you and says, "It is GOOD." And with the way we treat ourselves, we are basically telling him that it's not. Would you ever say that the mountains or the oceans or flowers aren't GOOD? I could literally stare at the ocean forever. It leaves me in awe every time whether it's the beach in Hawaii or Cancun or near my home in Newport. If I can look at the ocean and know that what God made is good, how much more is that true of YOU?! I want every girl everywhere to truly feel deep down in their very soul that they are beautiful. We have to stop looking to people and things to tell us who we are and if we are beautiful. Maybe we've been criticized a lot or haven't had a loving family to help us to believe the truth about ourselves. That sucks. But guess what? God still says you're beautiful. He still calls you good. And if I'm going to believe anyone, it's going to be Him. It's not easy to learn to believe it but I promise that if you just start by praying every time you find yourself start comparing yourself to someone, I promise that it will start to change. Stop saying mean things to yourself and your body, and start loving it. You deserve it. 

Sorry for the rant! Just had to share! Now on to the outfit. An all black look can still be done in the summer! Just keep it light with your fabrics. I paired a flowy tank with my distressed black jeans and my birks. I added a red lip and my camel bag for some color! Hope you have the best week!

xoxoxo, Christine

Top: Marshall's; similar here and here
Denim: H and M (distressed by moi!); similar here and here
Purse: H and M; similar here
Necklace: Forever 21 here
Shoes: Target here

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