Friday, April 25, 2014

Overall LOVE

Soooo overalls are back, and a few months ago I wasn't so sure about them. But I'm officially a fan. I ordered these off of Forever 21, and I am soooo happy with them. They are incredibly comfortable and so cute, and I love that they're a break from your regular old denim but still have the versatility of denim. Also, that shirt underneath is actually a bodysuit! I can't believe I'm wearing them again. I thought they were so cool when I was a kid. Made me feel all grown up for some reason. :P They are perfect with overalls because then you guarantee your shirt stays tucked in since overalls fit a little loose!
My hubby and I got the best news yesterday. My cousin and her hubs were going to Stagecoach for free (I was SOOO jealous), and then they ended up letting us know yesterday there were two more tickets available. I am ecstatic! I have been wanting to go to Stagecoach for years (for those of you not in So Cal, Stagecoach is a three-day country music festival), but it's so expensive I've never pulled the trigger and gone. I literally can't believe we get to go! It might finally sink in when I'm singing along to Luke Bryan live playing "Play it Again". Eeeeek! So excited. Happy Friday, ya'll.

Overalls: Forever 21 here
Bodysuit: Forever 21 here
Shoes: Target (old); almost same here
Purse: Styles For Less; similar here
Sunnies: Windsor (old); similar here and here
Elephant Necklace: Forever 21 here
Bracelets: Old
Lipstick: NYX Matte in Alabama


  1. Cute!! I might have to hunt down that purse.....I'm so picky when it comes to purses...I think that's why I only have like 2-3... But I need a white one!

    1. Thanks!!! I know I had been looking for one! I actually snagged this one and a minty blue one at Styles for Less for $7 for BOTH!!!!