Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nectar Clothing

Dress: Nectar Clothing c/o here; Socks: Forever 21, similar here; Booties: TJ Maxx, similar here

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the fall launch party for Nectar Boutique. It was one of the best blogger events I have been to to date! It was at the cutest little jazz club in Claremont called Hip Kitty, and I had such a good time meeting other bloggers and hanging out. And the owners of the boutique are awesome! I got this cute little dress from them, and I LOVE it! My favorite part in the back of it. So sexy! If you live in the area, pop in to their store in the Orange Circle or also in Redlands. I guarantee you will love everything! Or visit their website too! I'll be sharing this amazing jumpsuit I got with you soon too. Also, if you're wondering how to do this hair, you can find it here on my Pinterest. I find a lot of my inspiration for different styles I do from Pinterest as well as Instagram or mah brain. :P So follow me on Pinterest if you wanna see what I'm scheming to do with my hair!
Do you ever have weeks you're just tired allll week long? That is this week for me. I think it's just been weird adjusting to Ben's new schedule because he gets home super late. Tuesday afternoon we literally laid around the ENTIRE afternoon. And ate ice cream. I'm obsessed with mint chip ice cream smashed between two graham crackers. The best ice cream sandwich. We just watched The Voice basically the whole time. Anyone else love watching the judges interact with each other? Adam and Blake crack me up. I want to be friends with them. Ok, I'm done now. :P

Love you all!

Thanks for reading! You're the reason I do this! Well, and because I love it obvi.


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