Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Five Minute Wavy Hair Tutorial

So I was getting ready the other day and decided to snap a few photos during the process of doing my hair so you could see a fun easy way to make your hair wavy! If your hair isn't already damp, you can always spray it down a little bit with water or even with the Redken Wax Blast spray I posted below! Enjoy!

1. When your hair is about 80% dry, braid it into two French Dutch braids as shown (regular French braids should work just fine too!).

2. Blow dry your braids to get out the remainder of the dampness and set the waves.

3. Spray with Redken Wax Blast (This is one of my favorite product for texture but you can use whatever you have on hand), undo braids and spray again.

And VOILA! Sexy bed head beach waves!

P.S. Did anyone else wake up to see the lunar eclipse last night?? My hubby had to be up for work at 4am so I told him if it was still eclipsing to wake me up so I could see. It was seriously so cool. Wish I had been awake enough to grab the real camera to snap a photo!  :P


The heavens declare the glory of God.
The skies proclaim the works of his hands.
Psalm 19:1