Monday, October 6, 2014

Liebster Award

Hi ladies! I was nominated by Aly of Living in Style OC for the Liebster Award (read here more about it and what YOU have to do if I nominated you!). It's an award given to new bloggers in an effort to promote them and help them to grow (which is what we all hope for!). As a newcomer blogger, I am very honored! This is a fun way to help promote other newbie bloggers like myself and to get to know new bloggers. Make sure you check out all of the bloggers I nominated below! We all put so much time and effort into our blogs, and I can sincerely say we appreciate the support because without you, our readers, our blogs wouldn't exist! Find us all on Instagram too and follow along! I always post more than I do here on my blog so you can see my fun outfits I wear day to day or maybe see my cutie hubby make a debut.
My answers to Aly's Questions: 
1.  If you could take only 3 items from your closet what would they be?
ONLY THREE?! Um my tan Sam Edleman Petty booties, my lace kimono and my Paige skinnies.
2.  Which fashion designer takes your breath away?
Seeeeeee #4. :P
3.  What is your go to outfit when in a hurry?
When I'm in a hurry, I'll put on jeans, a t-shirt, booties, and a statement necklace to glam it up.
4.  If you had the chance to partner with any designer who would it be and why?
Ok so I'm going to be real here. I was going to pick a designer that I know I like some of their stuff and then say that. BUT to be completely honest, I do not have a designer obsession. Quite frankly, I probably couldn't tell you what designer creates what type of clothing and all that. Maybe as a blogger I should but I really don't. I see things that are cute and that I like, and I buy them. And usually I don't even buy the designer things because I can't pull the trigger on the price. I'm the queen of finding good deals or finding dupes of designer styles at a fraction of the cost. So there you have it #bloggertruths
5.  Who is your favorite blogger to follow? 
I'm obsessed with Barefoot Blonde and Cara Loren. They are the two that originally inspired me to start my blog. I also just recently found Twenty Something Boulevard and I loved her blog so much I went back and read every. single. post.  I love a blog that is personable and helps me get to know the person a little bit in addition to providing me with awesome fashion photos.
6.  If you could switch spots with a celebrity for a day who would you choose?
I guess I would have to say Jimmy Fallon. His show is so fun. I die over the lip sync battles and hashtags. Would love for that to be my life for a day.
7.  What is your dream fashion/accessory purchase?
My dream fashion purchase would be a designer purse, probably a Celine, or some Jeffrey Campbell shoes (Those are two I AM familiar with :P)
8.  Name your 2 fall must haves?
My two fall must-haves are a felt fedora like this one here and distressed jeans like these here
9.  How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging just a little over six months!
10. What are 3 words that describe your blog?
Simple, heartfelt and fun
11. If you weren’t blogging what would you be doing?
Maybe watching a show! I was just watching Nashville but got sidetracked with this! But honestly I probably spend less time blogging than most people spend watching TV.

1. Moda Prints 
My blogger bestie, Alena, that I meant through Insta and am about to meet in real life at the end of this month. Eeeek so excited! She's killer at "blogger faces"  and using the iPhone self-timer(making her teach me when she comes to visit) and she has a serious gift at mixing patterns and prints and colors and putting together the cutest outfits. To top it off, we both got married in October and wore the same wedding dress #meanttobe


2. Following Arrows Gemma, my real life bestie and former roommate of five years who just started a blog a few weeks ago. She documents her life and adventures with her cute hubby and shares about life's hard lessons, happy moments and the clothes she wears to get through them.

3. Twenty Something Boulevard Nicole. This girl is real. That's what attracted me to her blog. She's super cute and does outfit posts but she also shares a lot just about life and the realities of blogging and relationships and God. And she has an amazing knack for writing. I'm hooked.

4. Richellexo Richelle, hottest mama around with three cute boys and all the fun stories you can think of that might accompany a life with three little men. Plus she has the most gorgeous all natural long hair #obsessed and has a style that conveys simplicity with just the perfect amount of glam.

5. Ella Brooks Melissa, trendy blondie mama with two adorable kids names Ella and Brooks and perfect style. How could you not already love her?! #iwannabeacutemomjustlikeyousomeday

6. Heart Jackie Jackie. This. Girl. Seriously obsessed. Her photos are flawless. She's a hairstylist just like me. And to top it off she has an awesome sense of humor. Plus her latest post revealed that her constantly straight hair is actually curly. Let's all go leave her a comment and tell her to leave it curly more mmmmk? Too cute.

7. A Splash of Blonde Elle (ps, don't hate me if I steal your name for my baby some day :P), cutest little blondie from Chicago. She was one of the first bloggers I found outside of the "bigger" ones I follow and was actually very influential in letting me see I could start a blog too! Easy laid back style complete with a little sarcasm. Love it. Oh and those legssss. Let's not talk about them too much. Shorty over here might get sad. :P

QUESTIONS FOR MY NOMINEES: (Indulge me! I love getting to know fun personal facts about all the bloggers I follow! It helps me feel connected to them, and when I feel connected to them, I tell all my friends (and my poor hubby!)about them, and you want me to do that!) READY GO!
1. How tall are you? (Photos can be so deceiving so I think it's fun to actually know! Like I'm only 5'2")
2. Who takes the photos for your blog?
3. Who is your favorite blogger?
4. What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?
6. What are your favorite shoes in your closet?
8. What's your go-to outfit?
9. A song comes on the radio in your house, no one's home, and you start dancing around the house. What's the song?
10.What do you do to relieve stress?
11. What's your dream vacation spot?
 One fun, random fact about you:

I seriously had so much fun with this! As I was writing about each of you and then thinking of questions for you, it made me realize what a fun little world this is that I'm a part of. I realized you all bring something fun and unique to the table and that there's those few things that really stick out about you and make me attracted to you and your blogs! And I picked all of you because even though I actually have only met two of you in person, I feel like I know you and like we're friends just simply from our blogger and Instagram interactions! I visit your blogs every time you post, usually within hours of you posting. You girls are wonderful. Keep up all the hard work. Even on the days when it's hard, and you feel discouraged, don't give up. I see your hard work and love all of your blogs and know that soon enough, everyone else will too! I've already been imagining what you might answer to the questions so I can't wait for you to post! Don't forget to nominate your favorite bloggers too!

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