Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Two Ways To Style a Shirt Dress

So Imma be real honest with you for a minute. I don't love these pictures. I thought about not posting them. The lighting wasn't the greatest, and my forehead stress vein was out (For some reason anytime I'm stressed I get this vein on my forehead that pops out! Seriously go look. You'll see it.). I was stressed because we took these photos in a random church parking lot near our house DURING church hours. And I obviously changed between these two outfits (plus another look for next week) so you can imagine me trying to change with my body as much in the car as possible without letting anyone see me! And even though church was in session, there were still some cars that drove by. Plus I felt a little funny doing a photo shoot and posing while other people were on their way to church. :P Anywho, I was sort of wishing we could redo the photos. But then I realized something. I need to be normal. My photos won't always be perfect. And I might sometimes have a stress vein in some of them. But this is what we have time for and what fits into our life. And if I want to continue living normal life AND have a blog, I have to do what works for me! I can't always travel to the most awesome locations and wait for the lighting to be just right. Or spend every day going out to do photos for the blog. I need to be present in my life and with the people in my life and not worry to much about not having everything just right! I have to do photos when it fits into my day and just be happy with having content to post! 

Now onto today's look! I wanted to show you something fun you can do with those shirt dresses that are just a little too short to be actual dresses. You can either pair them with jeans or tuck them into your skirt like I did here! So you get two looks for the price of one. I also have paired this top with leather leggings and boots too! So many options and fun ways to style. I also plan on tucking some of my body con dresses into my skirts soon too! Hope you try this trick too!

P.S. My blogger BFF Alena, of Moda Prints, and I have decided to do a 24 hour social media fast from tomorrow morning until Saturday morning. It may sound silly but social media can really be a distraction in our lives! I know I just pick up my phone all the time when I'm bored and sometimes spend too much each day on it when I could be doing other things. I want to be more purposeful with my time and aware of how I spend it, so I'm hoping this little fast will be a kick starter for that. I especially want to be better about my morning devotions and letting that be how I start my day instead of scrolling through my Insta. If you want to, please join us! We will both be doing a blog post on it and how it affected our days and all that. And if you don't join, you can at least follow along by searching #mmsocialmediafast. 



  1. you look so pretty! i love the definitely suits you :)
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