Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bohemian Max-sody

Dress: Forever 21 here; Shoes: Love D here; Hat: Forever 21, similar here; Necklace: Forever 21 similar here; Bag: Susie's Deals, similar here

Happy Thursday! How has everyone's week been? I hope good! Yesterday my hubby worked his first 24 hour shift on the ambulance so I decided I needed to do something to keep myself occupied all day. I went to Home Depot and got several cans of spray paint to distress my kitchen table. I've been wanting a new table for a while because our kitchen table is just sort of blah. So I decided to distress it instead. I literally cannot tell you how happy I am with it! I will probably do a quick post on it with before and after photos soon on the blog for you all! I'm so happy it's Thursday. Tomorrow, my hubby is off, and we FINALLY get to spend more than an hour or two together. He was gone for five days straight and then came home and went right back to work. And so I really miss him and can't wait for some good QT. 

Now on to this outfit. Ya'll need to go get this dress or just click that little button up there and order it! It's only $20! And it's the perfect fall maxi dress. Forever 21 is seriously da bomb. And if you're feeling bold, the dress also comes in cream! I thought about getting that one too but I was planning to wear this to a wedding, and I still adhere to the no white to weddings rule. (By the way, the day I was gonna wear this to the wedding was literally 105 degrees. Needless to say, I did not wear it. :P) I paired it with this hat and necklace that are also Forever purchases and these perfect heels. Seriously probably my favorite heels I own. My feet are sensitive, and honestly I can't wear heels for more than a few hours. But THESE, I can literally wear all day. Love them so much. 

I hope you all have the best weekend! I'm off to Laguna today to do hair and makeup for a test shoot. Always a good day if you get to work with a view of the beach. 


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