Thursday, October 23, 2014

Made in Da USA

Shirt: TJ Maxx, similar here; Vest: Forever 21, similar here; Pants: Urban Outfitters, similar here; Hat: Urban Outfitters, similar here; Shoes: Converse, similar here

Good morning! I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to work and literally had my hubby do some photos while my client's color was processing! :P Sometimes I just love to throw on a hat and some Converse and call it a day. I love getting dressed up but there's still nothing better than jeans and a tee and some sneakers! What's  your favorite casual look?

Guys, I'm getting really excited. Do you all follow Alena over at Moda Prints? Well guess what? She's coming to visit me next week, and I couldn't be more excited! We met via Instagram (I know, I know, really strange to most of you) and ended up exchanging numbers. And over the last six months we have become the best of friends. We bonded over our blogging lives and eventually ended up bonding over more serious things like Jesus and coffee and the fact that we wore the EXACT same wedding dress. So I'm so excited to spend next week with her and finally meet her in person (so people can stop thinking it's so weird :P). There will be lots of coffee and exploring and shopping. Oh and pictures, of course.

Now one other thing for today! I have been seriously considering switching over to Wordpress as my blog host. I started on Blogger because I was already familiar with it (Yes, I wrote like four posts on my high school journal blog :P), but as I've looked around at other blogs, I've found that I'm more drawn to the simplicity and clean look of Wordpress. So all that being said, I would like to hear from you! Because this blog is for you, my readers. I have not yet switched my website name and content over to Wordpress because it's a little bit of a process but I have set it up under a temporary web address and done one post (this one you're reading) over on Wordpress. Soooo, if you are so inclined, head on over here. Please let me know what you think! I value your opinion! You can comment here, over there, or on my Instagram! And thank you for your feedback! Love you all. Thanks for reading!

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