Thursday, March 13, 2014

From Preschool to Prada

We all have those days.You're in a rush. Your hair is dirty. You just don't really care. You've seen lots of girls with cute messy side braids, and you decide that's what you'll do. You braid like you learned to in grade school and look in the mirror and realize you look like you're in preschool! You try to pull it looser but it just goes right back to how it looked. Boo. And now you're even later. You just want to look like all those other girls that rock the messy braids! Today, I'm going to show you in two simple steps how to take your braid from preschool to Prada!

 First, do a regular old braid, and secure with an elastic.

Next, hold tightly to the bottom of the braid where there elastic is.

Then, while STILL holding the base of the braid, use your other hand to pull on the inner portion of the braided strand, and MAKE SURE the hair actually loosens a little from the bottom where the elastic is. Continue this process for each strand all the way down on both sides. Pull out a few pieces from the front of your hair as well to compliment the loose look. (*note: my hair was curled the day before and still had leftover curl). If your hair was not curled before, loosely curl the front pieces away from your face.

 And, VOILA! Ready for the runway!
I do this with all of my braids, french, fishtail or regular, no matter where they are on my head!
Crop top: Forever 21 (old); similar here and here
Lipstick: NYX Matte in Nude


  1. i love a good side braid! always a good choice! stunning!

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