Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Sooo, here it is! My first current blog post. Who knew how strange it would be to be in front of the camera! I had a hard time not laughing the whole time. Having done hair and makeup for the past nine years, I've watched a lot of models pose without one thought but it's so much harder for me to try to do it! So maybe I just won't. You'll probably just see a lot of smiles, and I hope you're ok with that! My favorite thing about this outfit is that tiny little elephant around my neck. When my husband and I first starting dating and had yet to say THOSE three little words, we would always say, "I like you TONS"; which eventually led to us being silly and saying, "I like you elephants". (Elephants weigh tons...get it? :P) So, when I saw this necklace, I HAD to get it. Cute and simple, and has a fun meaning for me! Also, this hairstyle...pretty sure I wore it everyday of my 10-year-old life but the 90's are back! And can't go wrong with the perfect high-waisted jeans for those shirts that are just a little too short for regular jeans or to pair with your favorite crop!

Top: Hurley (old); but wear this with a statement necklace
Pants: Foreign Exchange(old), but almost exact same here and here
Reflection: here (on sale!)
Purse: thrifted; similar here, LOVE this
Glasses: Vince Camuto; same style, different color here; similar here
Elephant pendant necklace: here
Midi rings: Nordstrom (old) and here 
Earrings: Nordstrom (old) similar here 

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