Monday, May 12, 2014

Mint Brownie Ice Cream

Happy Monday, Everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Ours was very eventful! We went to an insane one-year-old birthday party complete with a gourmet burger food truck (aka the most AMAZING heart-attack inducing food you ever put in your mouth!), face painter, bounce house, and the cutest circus cake ever. Then we watched the Kings/Ducks hockey game out with our friends on Saturday night. Sunday we spent with our both of our moms, lunch and the beach! It was crazy windy! And the most exciting part of all, we spent FOUR HOURS looking for my husbands work phone. FOUR HOURS. We even dug through the dumpster. Then at 10pm, my hubby decided to check if there was a way to activate a GPS locator on it. We found it. IN his truck. That we had looked in seven times. Phooey. Fun. Phew.
So the colors of this outfit remind me of the Dryers Mint Brownie ice cream I'm obsessed with right now. Slap that in between some graham crackers. Mmmmmmmmm. Heavenly. Homemade ice cream sandwich. Probably be having one of those later seeing as we have the ice cream in the freezer... Now back to the outfit. If you all wanna be resourceful with your button down tops, unbutton a few of the buttons and tie them up to turn them into a crop! Super cute. Also, these shoes. Literally OBSESSED. So cute and and fun and the most comfortable thing ever. I rarely wear heels because my feet get tired easily but these I can wear forever! The perfect black summer shoe. 
Have the best day! Winner of the giveaway and a collaboration coming later this week! 
xoxoxo, Christine

Shirt: TJ Maxx (old); similar here 
Shorts: Forever 21 (in store); similar here and here
Shoes: Love D Shoes here (they also come in TAN!)
Hat: Target (old); similar here and here
Purse: Forever 21; similar here
Necklace: Forever 21; similar here
Bracelet: B Poy & Jo
Sunnies: Windsor; similar here and here

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