Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lace Duster

 I try to include some of these kind of photos every so often so you know I don't take this modeling business too seriously. :P This ^^^ comes much more naturally to me than all those serious faces. 

Lace Duster: Marshall's, almost exact here (they have it in wine and black too!), also love these here and here; Top: TJ Maxx, similar here; Shorts: Old Navy, similar here; Boots: Target; similar here and here

Happy first day of Fall from ever sunny Southern California! I'm still waiting on that bite in the air to tell me it's fall which also means I'm still wearing my summer clothes! It's good to find a piece that can add a touch of the new season to your outfit but that is still light and wearable in the heat. This lace duster does just that! I love the dimension it adds when wearing it with a shorter piece. Also if you still haven't tried the half top knot you should. Even if you feel a little weird, I promise you it looks good! I used to stare at myself and think it looked weird but then I saw it in photos and realized it doesn't! For this one I pulled my hair into a half pony and then braided it and pinned it into a bun!

If you didn't see already on Instagram, we went camping over the weekend, and it couldn't have been more perfect. We went with two of my best friends (and former roomies) and their men and a few other people! It was so nice to get away in nature and sit around the campfire and be with friends. I have been up to Lake Arrowhead lots of times but never camped there, and it was so much fun. My friend knew of all of these fun spots to go to there with water and rocks to jump off of. So much fun. I should have a fun little post up later this week with some photos from our weekend. 

I'm off for a run and then a massage! Ahhhhh. I can't wait. I haven't had one in so long because I always hate spending the money but my shoulder has been tight and bothering me so my hubby told me I HAVE to go. Ain't gonna say no to that. 

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